BIM for HVAC Design

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Gianmarco Ćurčić Baldini

Main Topics

  • CheckmarkBIM approach in mechanical engineering
  • CheckmarkModeling office building using HVAC BIM approach in AX3000
  • CheckmarkVentilation module
  • CheckmarkHeating module
  • CheckmarkEnergetic simulation module
  • CheckmarkSanitary module
  • CheckmarkBimplus platform – interoperability and collaboration with other occupational groups

Programme Structure

  • Checkmark5-day course
  • CheckmarkOn the 1st and 5th day lecture is organized for all participants together
  • CheckmarkEvery student gets recorded education

Important Dates

Course Dates

02/09/2024 – 06/09/2024

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Programme Plan

Day 1

Introduction to BIM approach in construction and basics of BIM standardization, Employer's Information Requirements – EIR, BIM Execution Plan – BEP. Introduction to Ventilation Module. Placing the start points of the ventilation, ventilation grills and ducts. Calculation of airflow inside the ducts and 3D visualization of ventilation ducts and other elements. Detailed editing of the ventilation system and working with various types of connections and duct types/shapes.

Day 2

Introduction to the Heating module. Defining the starting parameters and standards for temperature calculations and heat load simulations. Automatic calculation of the pipe grid and a 2D/3D view of the pipe structure. Export and summary of the elements used in the system.

Day 3

Introduction to the Energy simulation module. Dynamic and thermic building simulation (on a per hour basis) and takeover of the building model data in case the data is previously defined. Simulation summary by day, month, year, or by hottest/coldest day in the graphical interface.

Day 4

Introduction to the Sanitary module. Design and 3D visualization of water and sewer pipes and other elements. Flow and heat loss calculation. Export and summary of the elements used in the system (cold water, hot water and circulation).

Day 5

BIM collaboration and Allplan communication with other software in interoperable and collaborative BIM surrounding as well as introduction with Common Data Environment – CDE through Bimplus and Bluebeam. Marking up collisions and giving tasks to various participants in collaborative BIM surrounding.

Programme Lecturer

Gianmarco Ćurčić Baldini

Gianmarco Ćurčić Baldini, dia.

CEO of Baldinistudio d.o.o. Zagreb