Design of structures by SCIA Engineer


Main Topics:
•    structural analysis by FEM
•    structural elements (beam, column, plate, wall, shell)

•    supports and loads
•    structural model of reinforced-concrete, steel and wood
•    stability analysis
•    dynamic (earthquake load) analysis
•    design of reinforced concrete structure
•    design of steel structure


Program structure:
•    5 day course,  practical work in design of structures by SCIA Engineer 14 program
•    Solving of examples – design of R/C and steel structures
•    Visiting (5th day) of laboratory with earthquake shaking table – presentation of earthquake action on physical structural models


Program plan:
o    1st day: Introduction to SCIA Engineer, definition of basic structural elements, supports and loads
o    2nd day: structural model of simple steel structure, stability analysis, design of steel structure
o    3rd day: structural model of simple R/C structure, dynamic (earthquake load) analysis, design of R/C structure
o    4th day: Concrete code check; Steel code check

o    5th day:
•    The applicant must have knowledge and competence from Mechanics, Stability of structures, Dynamic of structures, R/C and Steel structures on level 6 The European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

Target audience:
Structural engineers

Program Lecturers:

Gianmarco Ćurčić Baldini, architect, BIM manager at Baldinistudio d.o.o.
Ing. Jiří Podval, Nemetschek SCIA, Prague
Prof. Boris Trogrlic, Ph.D. University of Split
Ing. Nikola Miletić, KAP 4, Zagreb

How to apply? or Apply now!

Students who successfully complete this course will be awarded 2 ECTS* credits. EQF level is 6.

*European Credit Transfer System