Split Summer School 2015 has ended!

The first Split Summer School under the subject „Introduction to GIS with practical applications“ took place from 27thto 31thof July 2015 at Faculty of civil engineering, architecture and geodesy in Split, Croatia. School was attended by 11 students and engineers from China, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
Lectures and exercises were held by: assist. prof. Martina Baučić, Ivan Racetin, mag. ing. geod. et geoinf., Marina Tavra, mag. ing. geod. et geoinf. and Jelena Kilić, mag. ing. geod. et geoinf. The organization, along with a previously mentioned, was achieved by vice-dean, assoc. prof. Mirela Galić, Morena Galešić, mag. ing. aedif. and Ph. D. Vladimir Divić.

After a week of lectures, exercises and work on individual projects, the final project presentations were successfully held on Friday 31th of July 2015. The Split Summer School participants have presented various GIS applications and shown the usefulness of it’s use in a professional and scientific fields. Upon presentations completion, vice-dean, assoc. prof. Mirela Galić awarded each participant the certificate for successful completion of Split Summer School 2015 – Introduction to GIS with practical applications.

In the afternoon hours, a group had a Split sightseeing tour. Participants had the opportunity to walk through the palace and take a peek at it’s most intimate parts. The Game of thrones fans had the opportunity to see where in the palace their favorite characters filmed the scenes.

After the tour, in desire for good food, the company went to the ACI Marina. With a beautiful view of Split, they enjoyed excellent food and exchanged summer school experiences. Faculty dean, assoc. prof. Boris Trogrlić thanked all participants once again and invited them to promote STSS and reunion next year with topics related to: Structural Fire Engineering Analysis, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Scientific Visualisation in Engineering, Structures of Historic Buildings, FEM/DEM, GIS – selected topics and Design of Structures by SCIA Engineer.

The evening ended in a nightclub Bacvice. The summer school built new friendships, as well as opportunities for future cooperation. The first summer school of this kind was successfully completed in addition of learning, socializing and entertainment and left an optimistic impression for future development.
See you next year. Be a part of Split Summer School.