BIM for Engineers

Reinforcement design using BIM approach

Program schedule: BIM for Engineers

Main topics:

  • Core of BIM philosophy and implications on civil engineering
  • Designing a concrete structure using BIM approach in 3D (shopping mall, or similar structure)
  • Formwork plan production, associative to real 3D model, labeling and detailing
  • Generating formwork drawings from 3D model, scale 1:50, 1:20 (floorplans, sections)
  • Preparing printable sheets, self populating title blocs, associative links to 3D model
  • Rendering of the structure and communicating 3D to other participants
  • Preparing views and sections for reinforcement design
  • 3D reinforcement design using real 3D model, mesh reinforcement, bar reinforcement, detailing. Reinforcement placing using Form Finding automatic reinforcement
  • BIM collaboration with other disciplines, exporting and importing BIM models from other designers (Architects, HVAC)
  • PDF based collaboration and workflow tracking

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Program structure:

  • 5 day course,  practical work in civil engineering design using Allplan Engineering
  • Producing full 3D concrete model and full 3D reinforcement, extract drawings and quantity takeoff, reinforcement associative labeling
  • BIM management principles and collaboration

Program structure:

  • Day: BIM in field of construction, Explaining BIM building model structure, start to design
  • Day: Continuing to model concrete elements and formwork creation
  • Day: Extracting sections and reinforcement placing, preparing printable sheets
  • Day: Detailed 3D reinforcement placing using advanced 3D bar and mesh reinforcement
  • Day: BIM collaboration, workflow and data exchange with other participants (other disciplines). Integrating designs from other disciplines into integrated BIM model. BIM model evaluation and checking for collisions

Target audience:

  • Civil engineers
  • Technicians

Program Lecturers:

  • Gianmarco Ćurčić Baldini, architect, BIM manager at Baldinistudio d.o.o.
  • Petar Glušica, civil engineer, BIM manager at Baldinistudio d.o.o.