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Special offer: BIM courses!

Beside regular STSS 2017 program, University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy also organizes three different courses for Building information modeling (BIM) adjusted for engineers, architects and technicians. The aim of courses is BIM collaboration, workflow and data exchange with other participants from other disciplines also as integrate designs from other disciplines into integrated BIM model. BIM courses will be held in the period September 4th- 8th, 2017. Price of tuition fee is 300€. After payment, every participant will get discount voucher for accommoda...
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Split Summer School 2016 took place at FGAG !

The second Split Summer School with courses FDEM Application in Engineering (FDEM), Introduction to GIS with practical applications, Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings (SAHB) and Structural fire engineering analysis (SFEA) took place from 5thto 9thof September 2016 at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split, Croatia. As part of the Summer School, in collaboration with the studio Baldini, there was two more courses: BIM for Architects and Engineers for BIM.The school was attended by 40 students and engineers from China, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Russi...
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Welcome to Split Summer School 2016!

Dear participants, we announce the beginning of the Split Summer School 2016 at Sunday, 4/9, 19.30-21.00    Registration - Faculty Entry hall 20.30 - …    Welcome and address by Organizing Committee - Faculty cafeteria All programs will be sent by email and published online ("Introduction to GIS" is already available). Organizing Committee
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